250px-Wrecking Crew cover

Wrecking Crew box art.

Wrecking Crew is an action game featuring both Mario & Luigi.


The game was originally for the NES in 1985 for Japan and North America, but it was two years later, in 1987, that Europe saw the game. On New Year's Eve, 1985, Nintendo uncovered an arcade version of the game, that allowed two players to play simultaneously.

In 1989, a Famicom Disk version was only released in Japan. This was aside a Family Computer Disk System released in all regions.

Wrecking Crew did not return until 2004, on the GBA in Japan, as a Famicom Mini title. Three years later, Wrecking Crew was available on the Wii's Virtual Console and was followed by a remake as an Ambassador Title for 3DS in 2011.