The Simpsons: Bart Vs. The Space Mutant is an lousy platformer game by Electronic Arts (EA). The game is based on the TV-Series, The Simpsons.


Items Edit

  • X-Ray Glasses - Use to see if the human is actually an alien or not.
  • Spray bottle - Used in Level 1, To wash the purple stuffs.
  • Hats - Used in Level 2, When searching some hats at The Springfield Mall.
  • Balloons - Used in Level 3, Collect them all at Krustyland.
  • Statue - Used in Level 4, Collect them all at the Springfield Museum.
  • Bottle Tubes - Used in Level 5, Collect them all in the Mr. Burn's Power Plant. You'll end the game.
  • Pause - Pauses the game.

Helper and Boss Edit

Level 1 Edit

Helper: Maggie

Boss: Nelson

Level 2 Edit

Helper: Marge

Boss: Mrs. Botz

Level 3 Edit

Helper: Lisa

Boss: Sideshow Bob

Level 4 Edit

Helper: Homer

Boss: Dr. Marvin Monroe

Level 5 Edit

Helper: None

Boss: The Space Mutant

Controller figuration Edit

  • Control Pad: Moves Bart Simpson
  • A Key: Jump and Dash
  • B Key: Attacks
  • Select Key: Select items when start key is selected
  • Start Key: Starts the game, Use items and Pauses the game.