The NES Controller

The NES Contoller was a controller officially made by Nintendo for the Nintendo Entertainment System. It was rectangular-shaped, fashioned in red, black, and gray and consisted of a directional pad on the left side, 'A' and 'B' buttons on the right side and 'START' and 'SELECT' buttons in the middle (its chape was barrowed from the Nintendo Entertainment System's Japanese equivelant, Famicom controllers). It was first released in 1985 with the Control Deck system and later the Deluxe Set, the first Nintendo Entertainment System Packages. Later, it was released seperately, also in 1985. Next, it was released in the Basic Set in 1987. They was later released with the Action Set and Sports Set. in 1988. Its final release was with the Challenge Set in 1990. In every release there were two controllers for the 2-Player function, with the exception of the Sports Set which featured four controllers.

New Style NES Controller


The New Style NES Controller

Along with the redesigned New Syle Nintendo Entertainment System, the NES Controller also got its redesign in 1993 with its release. This new design kept the pallete of the original controller, but was shaped like the Super Nintendo Entertainment System's controller for added comfort. Two New Style NES Contollers were also sold seperately in 1993.