Mike Tyson's Punch-Out (later known as just Punch-Out!!) is a Nintendo Entertainment System boxing videogame, released in the USA in October 1987. The game stars Little Mac and Doc Louis as you become WVBA champion. There are 3 circuits; Minor, Major, and World but there's a bonus circuit called Another World Circuit where you fight 9 boxers (Including Mike Tyson/Mr. Dream) Once you beat Super Machoman and therefore, the World Circuit, you fight Iron Mike Tyson or Mr. Dream depending on the version you play. Here is a list of each Circuit and it's characters as well as their ranks:

Minor Circuit:

Glass Joe (Rank 2)

Von Kaiser (Rank 1)

Piston Honda/Hondo (Champion

Major Circuit:

Don Flamenco (Rank 3)

King Hippo (Rank 2)

Great Tiger (Rank 1)

Bald Bull (Champion)

World Circuit:

Piston Honda (Rematch) (Rank 5)

Soda Popinski (Rank 4)

Bald Bull (Rematch) (Rank 3)

Don Flamenco (Rematch) (Rank 2)

Mr. Sandman (Rank 1)

Super Machoman (Champion)

Another World Circuit:

King Hippo (Rank 8)

Great Tiger (Rank 7)

Piston Honda (Rematch) (Rank 6)

Soda Popinski (Rank 5)

Bald Bull (Rematch) (Rank 4)

Don Flamenco (Rematch) (Rank 3)

Mr. Sandman (Rank 2)

Super Machoman (Rank 1)

Mike Tyson/Mr. Dream (Champion)

The Dream Fight:

Mike Tyson/Mr. Dream (Kid Dynamite/The Legendary)