The Nintendo Entertainment System Bundle Packages were the sets in which Nintendo released their Nintendo Entertainment System, with each new bundle, a new game and/or accessory was released with it.

Control Deck (Original Style)Edit

Control Deck
Release Date: October 18, 1985
MSRP $199

The Control Deck bundle was one of the first Nintendo Entertainment System bundles (the other being the Action Set). This set is one of the most basic because it has only two controllers.


  • AC Adapter
  • A/V Cables
  • Controllers x2
  • Nintendo Entertainment Sytem Control Deck
  • RF Switch

Deluxe SetEdit

Deluxe Set
Release Date: October 18, 1985
MSRP $299

The Deluxe Set was simultaneously released with the Control Deck bundle, but with this bundle, you could get more accessories and games, but for a higher price.

NES-001 Control Deck
NES-002 AC Adapter
NES-003 RF Switch
NES-004 Controller (x2)
NES-005 Zapper Light Gun
NES-006 300/75Ω Converter
NES-007 75/300Ω Converter
NES-008 Audio/Video Cable
NES-011 Filter Lens
NES-012 R.O.B.
NES-016 Gyros (x2)
NES-017 Gyro Holder
NES-018 Gyro Tray
NES-019 Gyro Spinner
NES-020 Gyro Hands (x2)
NES-021 NES Instruction Manual

Action SetEdit

Action Set
Release Date: November 1988
MSRP $149

The Action Set was the third Nintendo Entertainment System bundle. This bundle included elements from both of the first bundles (the Zapper, two controllers, Super Mario Bros. and Duck Hunt). Because of this and its low price, this bundle became the most popular and replaced the Control Deck and Deluxe set. This bundle was also sold until the Challenge Set was released.

NES-001 Control Deck