Link is the protagonist of the Legend of Zelda series. Like most other main characters on the Nintendo Entertainment System Link didn't origionally talk, but unlike others like Mario he did not gain a speaking role later on, other than random noises made by him in later games.

Biography Edit

In Link's first appearence on the Nes, he is a simple Hylian boy, who saves Zelda assistant Impa from Gannon's minions. She informs him of the Princess being kidnapped, and asks him to save her. He heads off, and finds an Old Man who gives him a Mid-level Sword for his travels. Along the way he also recives a Boomarang, Candle, A far more powerful Swod, Magic Wand, Bow, A Master Sword, Arrows and a Holy Bible (Renamed the Book of Magic in the U.S. version of the game) after traversing all of the dungeons and recovering all of the eight pieces of the Triforce of Wisdom, he then heads to Death Mountain to fight Gannon and save Zelda from her lonely prison. Once Zelda is safe, Link then must find his way through another set of dungeons to get the peices of the Triforce of Power. After getting the pieces back and recovering all of his weapons, Link is finnaly able to kill Gannon, saving the Kingdom of Hyrule. In the second game Zelda's brother the Prince attempts to force the location of the third full Triforce, The Triforce of Courage out of Zelda, after learning that their father had only givin the location of it to her before his death. He tries to make a Magician use a spell on her, but when it doesn't work, he instead puts her to sleep. And now it's Link's job to find the this third lost Triforce, the only thing that will wake Zelda back up. Gannon's Minions however, beleive that if they can pour Link's blood over their Master's ashes, it will bring him back from the undeworld. Link does however, deafeat the minions and locates the forgotten Triforce waking Zelda up once again.

Games on the NES Featuring Link Edit