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Kung Fu
Kung Fu.JPG

Kung Fu's box artwork, showing the game's protoganist, Thomas, performing a kick.

Release Date(s): October 18, 1985
Developer(s): Nintendo
Publishers(s): Nintendo
Game No.: NES-P-SX
Series: Action Series
Ratings: (None)

Kung Fu was a port of Kung-Fu Master (developed by Irem) for the Nintendo Entertainment System. Nintendo developed the NES version. As one of the sixteen launch titles for the system, it was also one of the first beat 'em up games. It stars Thomas, who fights through six stages to save his kidnapped girlfriend, Silvia.


One day, a kung-fu master, Thomas, and his girlfriend, Silvia, are attacked by a gang of mysteriously men. While Thomas is trying to fight off the people in front of him, more come from the back, capture Silvia and then all of them take off. Thomas finds a letter left behind from a man named Mr. X that reads:

Your love Silvia

is in our custody now.

If you want to save your dear Silvia's

life, come to

the Devil's Temple

at once

5 sons of the devil

will entertain you.

Thomas follows X's instructions and immediately shows up at the temple. There he must fight through 5 floors, each with an array of enemies, obstacles, and a boss at the end, until he reaches the 6th floor, in which he must fight Mr. X himself to free Silvia.




Kick, jump and punch your way to victory in KUNG FU!

You'll need lightning-fast reactions to knock out the Knife Thrower, stop the Stick Fighter, and trip-up the evil Tom Tom Brothers in this action-packed martial arts contest! Are you sure you're tough enough? Because, it'll take all your strength and skill to master the moves in KUNG FU, beat your opponents and rescue the fair Sylvia who's help captive on the top floor! The action in non-stop, and just when you think you've got your enemies licked there's always a Giant, a Snake, or a fire-breathing Dragon to contend with in KUNG FU!