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Nintendo cartridge for Excitebike

NES cartridges typically came on grey cartridges, they also released some games on gold cartridges like : The adventure of Zelda and Zelda II The Adventure of Link. There were also many company that would release games on the NES without a licence, companies like Tengen and Wisdom Tree. Click Here for full NES game List

Early Releases[]

The First Games with NES release in USA on Oct. 13, 1985

- 10-Yard Fight
- Baseball
- Clu Clu Land
- Donkey Kong Jr. Math
- Duck Hunt
- Excitebike
- Golf
- Gyromite
- Hogan's Alley
- Ice Climber
- Kung Fu
- Mach Rider
- Pinball
- Stack-Up
- Super Mario Bros.
- Tennis
- Wild Gunman
- Wrecking Crew