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Adventures of Lolo
Developer(s): HAL Laboratory
Publisher(s): HAL Laboratory
Release Date(s)
20 April 1989
North America
21 February 1991
PAL Region
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Adventures of Lolo is a 1989 puzzle video game by HAL. It is an entry in the Eggerland franshise, and the first entry to be relased in North America




The gameplay involves the player controlling Lolo through out 50 rooms. To exit the room, Lolo must get the room's treasure, but to open the chest you must get all the Heart Containers. If player's are stuck in a level, they can press a button to kill Lolo.

The objective is to save Lala from the evil person.

There are some enimies in this game.

  1. Snakey: Harmless though blocks your way
  2. Dragon Statues:Collect All hearts for them to turn on,they shoot fireballs
  3. Skulls:Move fast all around the place
  4. Hopper: Jumps all around the place. He sleeps if you touch him though can sometimes cause you to restart and harmless
  5. Blocky: In the way? Rushes at you!
  6. Medusa:Go past her and you freeze in place and die

7. Don Medusa: Same As Medusa but MOVES ALL AROUND THE PLACE!

To Win a level, You need to collect all the hearts in the room then get then get the treasure chest and go through the door.

To win a floor, you have to find the stairs.

If You get a game over, you get a password.

There are others like this like Adventures of Lolo 2 and Adventures of Lolo 3 which has new enemies!