Action 52 Box art

Action 52's Box-art

Action 52 is an Unlicensed NES Game released in 1991 in the North America. It is notorious for its lack of quality and ridiculously high price of $200.00 at its release, often being named the worst NES game in existence. The Cartridge contains 52 "games":

1. Fire Breathers

2. Star Evil

3. Illuminator

4. G-Force Fighter

5. Ooze

6. Silver Sword

7. Critical Bypass

8. Jupiter Scope

9. Alfredo

10. Operation Full-Moon

11. Dam Busters

12. Thrusters

13. Haunted Halls

14. Chill Out

15. Sharks

16. Megalonia

17. French Baker

18. Atmos Quake

19. Meong

20. Space Dreams

21. Streemerz

22. Spread-Fire

23. Bubblegum Rosie

24. Micro-Mike

25. Underground

26. Rocket Jockey

27. Non Human

28. Cry Baby

29. Slashers

30. Crazy Shuffle

31. Fuzz Power

32. Shooting Gallery

33. Lollipops

34. Evil Empire

35. Sombreros

36. Storm Over the Desert

37. Mash Man

38. They Came...

39. Laser League

40. Billy-Bob

41. City of Doom

42. Bits and Pieces

43. Bleeps and Blips

44.Manchester Beat

45. The Boss

46. Dedant

47. Hambo's Adventures

48. Time Warp Tickers

49. Jigsaw

50. Ninja Assault

51. Robbie and the Robots

52. The Cheetahmen


Action 52 is widely reffered as the worst NES game ever made. Most reviewers will tell you that the games are "unplayable" and "broken". The Gamefaqs review average is very low, and the "My Games" average is barely higher.


  • Game #9 "Alfredo" AKA Alfred n The Fettuc & Game #49 Jigsaw don't work on the original cartridge, but only on some emulators.
  • There is a version of Action 52 on the Sega Genesis, released in 1993, and it's known for being majorly improved over the NES version. It has many of the original NES games, improved over the NES counterparts, and some new one's that replaced the rest, but considered to be butchered clones of mediocre NES title's. It is way better, all the games are fully functional, but it still had negative and some mixed reviews from critics


In August 2012 one of the four original Action 52 developers surfaced and surprised the gaming community with their find, their very own original boxed Action 52 NES Prototype cartridge, the only other Action 52 Prototype known to exist. Along with never before seen original Action 52 and Cheetahmen posters and artwork, they posted an eBay auction selling the items for a $97,000 Buy It Now option or Best Offer. The auction generated over 10,000 views and 50 offers. They have since created a blog documenting the auction, the prototype, and more importantly, their part in the development of the Action 52 NES cartridge. Their version of the story of Action 52, Active Enterprises, Vince Perri, and the other developers can be read at